Joomla Development

Joomla is an award winning open source CMS (content management system) and a very popular open source tool used by a number of web developers to build websites and powerful online applications. Functionally, it can create websites of any type with limitless possibilities.

Quick deployment,High level of scalability with hundreds of extensions,easy website management are the main benefits of joomla.

Dezired Solutions offers you many services like Customized Joomla templates,Joomla integration as a CMS backend for websites,Customized Drupal modules.

Where mainly joomla is used:

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    Online magazines

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    Portals that publish tons of content

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    News websites

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    Small business websites that need to update their content regularly

Free Learning Courses

Want to know about these technologies, we provide free online learning courses. We provide you with the knowledge so that you can itself work and know more about. We also help you in your projects through various online ways.

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