Welcome to Dezired Solutions

Dezired Solutions is a leading offshore software development company in Dublin Ireland that offers web development that includes Asp.net, Asp.net mvc, Php web development, Cake PHP development, PHP programming, Java development and we follow the proper way of testing to deliver the exact thing you ever want. Today’s era is basically mobile’s era; On daily basis, there’s a new launch of mobiles and tablets. We have the hold in Mobile development that includes iphone apps, Android apps, Facebook applications.

Dezired Solutions also offers Open source Content management systems that includes Wordpress , Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Ajax development, Flash animation. If we are making a website it should have a smart web design that should be creative and attractive that includes Graphic design, Banner creation, Business cards, custom logo designs.

We can guide you with the services how you can promote your sites and get traffic on them that includes internet marketing, word of mouth and Search engine optimization and far more..

In Dezired Solutions, you will get the solutions to your problems. If you are new to these technologies; we deliver free online learning courses. We will provide you the free e-books and guidance, for that you just have to contact us.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide top quality services in the fields of Application Development, Open Source Customization, Business Consulting, Online Marketing Consultation and Web Designing everything under one-roof.

As a committed team we shall strive for:
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    Being a trustworthy, customer focused organization

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    An open and dynamic environment where everyone is listened, respected and encouraged to excel

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    Exploring opportunity for the growth of our customers and our organization.

Our Mission

Dezired Solutions wants to be a dependable world-class organization. We shall imbibe the spirit of entrepreneurship within each individual throughout the organization. We shall strive to achieve Quality Services by comprehending their need through close interaction and by creating a global network.

Basically our mission is:
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    Successful Customers

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    Innovative Solutions

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    Joyful Environment and Employees

What does the logo of Dezired Solutions signifies??

Look a little closer at the logo of Dezired Solutions. This logo actually has many hidden messages. Your initial thought when looking at the Dezired Solutions's Logo might be that of an Anchor. This was entirely intentional. Anchor is the emblem of hope; that means Dezired Solutions provides its clients with an assurity upon which you can rely completely. Not only this, anchor also symbolises Speed; which directly represents the growth, development and the progress.

This picture depicts that the company welcomes all with open hands.

Next is even more interesting. Apart from depicting the concept behind the logo; Dezired Solutions has not forget to include the first initials of their company's logo that are "D" and "S". Look carefully at the colored portion and you would find it really soon.

Free Learning Courses

Want to know about these technologies, we provide free online learning courses. We provide you with the knowledge so that you can itself work and know more about. We also help you in your projects through various online ways.

Education should be knowledge based; Education should be FREE..!!